Atelier Monochrome x Illustre Paris : Medium Vase, unique piece, limited edition.


Illustre Paris x Atelier Monochrome

When the minimalism of a ceramist meets the romanticism of a painter...


Myrtille Ronteix, creator of Atelier Monochrome and Laurence Amélie Schneider, co-founder of Illustre Paris. Two women artists meet and work with four hands, rue de Verneuil in Paris, for a limited series of unique handmade pieces.

Myrtille, the ceramist, works with clay as a graphic artist works with a blank page. Laurence, the painter, has tamed the material in turn, discovering for the first time the workings of this ancestral craft. On the pure plates of Myrtille, Laurence places her modelled petals.

Limited Series

Vases in 4 sizes and plates in 3 formats make up this ephemeral collection. Each piece is handmade. Series of 20 pieces per model. They are all unique!

Myrtille's refinement and minimalism meet Laurence's romantic poetry. Nature is at the heart of their common inspiration.

The technique
Porcelain is a clay rich in kaolin, whose whiteness and translucence give it a contemporary charm. A mineral and sensual material, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

White matte porcelain, unglazed.

Size: 9 cm diameter, height 14 to 15 cm, Irregular.

Microwave safe - Machine washable.

All pieces are handmade in the Monochrome Workshop. 

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