5 napkin folding ideas

The pleasure of entertaining also includes table decoration and pretty details, especially the presentation of napkins. Traditionally, the napkin is simply folded on itself and placed to the left of the plate, but the trend is quite different! Today, the art of napkin folding is de rigueur and will have the most beautiful effect on your table.

How to fold a napkin

Before launching into the folding itself, of which there are a multitude of more or less complicated methods, you must begin by choosing the napkins. At Illustre Paris, of course, we advise you to opt for cloth napkins, for more refinement.

5 ideas for a striking napkin fold.

-The "cutlery fold": To achieve this stylish effect, start by folding your napkin in four. Fold the first layer of your napkin along the diagonal, mark the fold and unfold it! Then fold the first layer with the point in the middle of the diagonal. Fold along the diagonal. Fold again along the diagonal. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the second layer of the napkin. Turn the cloth towel over and fold both sides over to the middle. Finally, turn the napkin over again and slide the cutlery into the formed pocket. If you find it difficult to visualise the different steps when reading, don't panic, there are several video tutorials on the internet to help you with the elaborate folding of the napkin.

Heart-shaped folding: To start, take a square cloth napkin. Fold it in half once and then fold it again. Then fold the first section towards the centre and the second section in the same way. Turn the towel over. Fold the ends to make the rounding and create the heart shape. Turn your heart over and you're done! This napkin folding is quick to do and should look great at a romantic dinner party.

The lotus flower folding: This is a lovely idea for a spring table or to honour an Asian-inspired menu. By the way, in Japan, folding a napkin in the shape of a flower is a sign of friendship.

To begin, unfold your towel completely so that you can see the back. Bring the 4 corners to the centre, so that you have a square. Repeat this process to make a smaller square. Repeat this folding one more time. Turn the fold over and bring the 4 corners of the napkin towards the centre again. Next, double fold the 4 corners of the resulting square to create the petal shape. Fold the petals by unfolding the folds from the previous steps.

-The "bow tie" fold: This is a very simple fold, perfect for showing off a nice napkin ring. For this folding, take a square cloth napkin. Keep your napkin folded and start by folding one side towards the centre, then fold the second side from the top towards the centre. Then turn your folding over, pinch your folding in the centre, making nice, deep creases. Finally, tie your fold in the centre with a pretty napkin ring or possibly a ribbon.

-Napkin folding: Lay the open napkin flat in front of you, one edge parallel to the edge of the table, with the reverse side on top. Fold the right side in the middle, edge to edge with the right side. Then turn the napkin a quarter turn and fold the top and bottom right corners into the centre to form a triangle. Fold the left side over a third of the rectangle and again to the base of the triangle. Finally, fold the tip of the triangle over the rectangle to form the envelope. For added effect, include a surprise note to your guest.

You now know how to fold a napkin, so find the right fold to match your decoration and theme. Let your creativity flow and don't hesitate to consult video tutorials to get more ideas or to help you step by step in the realization of your foldings. It's up to you!