Our story

Illustre is the story ofa friendship, forged in the workshops of Bonpoint when Laurence Amélie designed the baby lines and Elodie Delmas directed the collections. An artistic osmosis, frivolous and demanding. Laurence draws extensively; Elodie skilfully composes a desirable and sensitive collection.  

Illustre is the story of an aesthetic friendship, of an art of living around bouquets of wild flowers and delicate tables, of dinners in Laurence's beautiful world and evenings in Elodie's preciously bohemian Paris.

The founders

Founders Illustre Paris

Laurence Amélie

Gourmand and generous, Laurence likes to meet people, to share, always and everywhere. A good dose of humour, wit and poetry are part of her life... Her friends say that her life is like a novel because everything is a pretext to create at every moment. Styling and painting are only two of her innumerable talents. Laurence grew up like a weed but as weeds sometimes make flowers, and it is these unexpected, anarchic and unwelcome flowers that Laurence paints tirelessly .... and that Illustre sublimates by taking them out of their canvases.

Elodie Delmas

Keenly aware of beauty, good taste and good thinking, Elodie has developed a sensitivity and foresight since her youth that she chose to put to use very early on in the service of creative people. From her business years, she draws an iron will. For Cacharel, Lilith and Bonpoint, she builds the right collections. Elodie is everywhere with kindness and knows how to spread her magic, whether it is the production or the presentation of the collections and their image. And this is precisely what she is passionate about: respecting, magnifying and accompanying creation... The details and quality of Illustre's products are her favourite thing.


Créations Illustre Paris

Illustre Paris offers decorative objects for the home and for oneself: cushions, wallpapers, embroidered table linen, tote bags, stoles and toiletry bags. A range of arty and delicate everyday products, poetic and timeless, in the image of the brand's founders. Products made with care and love that are unlike any other.

In other words, Illustre is an invitation to a house of emotion, with the colours of Laurence Amélie's patinated bouquets. As Parisian as it is bucolic, the decoration is poetry, intuitive art of living and couture know-how. When art inspires the joy of living...

Design and manufacture

Laurence Amélie, Illustrious painter


At Illustre, we are convinced that everyday objects deserve to be reconsidered. In concrete terms, they should be given special attention, from creation to design to use. 

They deserve to be worked on in the finest detail by the right hands to produce the most successful piece - a real creative treasure.

The combination of know-how at each stage of the chain makes it a singular object, which brings joy and emotion to the person who owns it.

Each creation is the result of an "in-house" artwork revealing the talents of its artistic director. These works are photographed in high definition in order to be printed on the fabrics and supports used for the creation and manufacture of the products. Perfect finishes, captivating colours and stunning details!

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