The trendy colours of 2022 for your interior walls

This year, the decorating trend for our walls is inspired by the seventies period, with a powerful chromatic palette that brings character to our interior. In a word, in 2022, we dare! We're taking the pressure off our decoration with frank and acidic tones that are good for the morale. Nevertheless, nude tones and shades of grey, more timeless and delicate, are not to be outdone, on the contrary, they also set the tone for 2022.

Focus on the wall colours of 2022

The radiant yellow

Popular for several seasons now, yellow continues its momentum. This time in a more vintage tone that recalls the Seventies. A bright yellow that shines on our walls and seeks to reconnect with a somewhat sidelined eccentricity.

Solid green

Every season, green is at the heart of the trend, but in 2022, it is imposing itself in more invigorating tones. While deep green has been in the spotlight for a few years, it is a more acidic version or, on the contrary, a softer one such as sage green that will bring freshness and renewal to our interior walls.

Dynamic blue

In 2022, we love it in all its shades, from horizon blue to Klein blue, via cobalt. It can easily be used as a cameo to create a unique, harmonious and elegant atmosphere. In fact, the Pantone Institute has chosen PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri, a periwinkle blue with a violet undertone, as the colour of the year. Lovers of this colour, of whom there are many, should be seduced by our Prairie wallpaper, Illustre Paris, a real symphony of blues.

If we had to choose just one, we could say that it is THE trendy wall colour of 2022.

The magic pink

For several seasons now, pink has also been at the forefront of the trend. This year again, it is definitely settling in our living space and in all tones, from the most tender to the most vivid. At Illustre Paris, we like it very soft, like on our Petals wallpaper which is an ode to delicacy and light, bringing a touch of magic to our interior.

Trendy lilac

This pastel purple is of course reminiscent of the flower of the same name. It is a colour that started out as a fashion trend, but this year it has become a favourite in decoration. It fits perfectly into any room, bringing a lot of poetry and delicacy. In 2022, it will catch our eye and seduce us above all for its subtlety and the softness that characterises it. 

The delicate nude

Still present in 2022, we can't get enough of it! Nude comes in a varied palette and we obviously love it for its naturalness and softness. At Illustre Paris, it particularly captivates us in Ciel d'Orage, one of our 4 panoramic wallpapers.

Timeless grey

Finally, grey is not the most shimmering colour, but it has no equal in sublimating the other shades that surround it. It is a safe bet that easily dresses the walls of our interior in all its shades. Grey will particularly enhance paintings and other decorative objects.

Now it's up to you to let your creativity speak for itself and adopt the trendy 2022 wall colour that will sublimate your interior and bring character to your decoration.