On which wall should you put wallpaper? We tell you everything!

Wallpaper is more in vogue than ever and you've given in to the trend but don't know which wall to put wallpaper on to show it off? It's not easy to make the right choice, but we'll guide you to find the perfect spot! Here are our tips to enhance your interior with a high-end wallpaper. 

Putting up wallpaper on your entrance wall.

It is not the room that is most focused on in interior design, yet it is the first room you see when you arrive, so it is very important. It is a strategic place to put beautiful wallpaper. In strips or in a panoramic version depending on the space you have, in any case, it will bring cachet to your home. The entrance is generally a narrow room, perhaps even one that overlooks a staircase, in which case choose to hang your wallpaper on the wall along it.

Our model Prairie model in blue tones will be perfect to sublimate your entrance and give it character.

One of our panoramic wallpapers printed in high definition

Put wallpaper on one of your living room walls.

In our opinion, the living room is the ideal room for wallpaper. It is the room where we spend most of our time, where we relax but also where we entertain. It is therefore important to choose the right place for your wallpaper. The trend is not to cover all 4 walls of the living room, today it is de rigueur to choose only one! For example, the one facing the door, where the wallpaper will be most noticeable when entering the room. Don't forget that a strip of wallpaper can also be used to enhance a piece of furniture, or to delimit the living room from the dining room if it is open. 

Putting up wallpaper on the wall of a bedroom, behind the bed.

Whether in a child's or an adult's bedroom, wallpapering is always a good idea. But on which wall should you put wallpaper in the bedroom? No hesitation here, we place it behind the bed, as a headboard, to set the tone of the room.

The bedroom is a place dedicated to rest, we advise you to choose a wallpaper with light tones and delicate prints, like the Rachel or Petals from Illustre Paris for a soft, relaxing setting.

Putting up wallpaper on a wall in your kitchen.

We don't necessarily dare to put wallpaper in water rooms, but we see it more and more, it has even become very trendy. If you like the idea, we advise you to choose a high quality wallpaper, like our Ciel d'orage model. However, to avoid the risk of grease stains, avoid placing it directly behind the hob, instead choose a section of wall behind a cupboard.

Whatever the room, keep in mind that the best wall to hang wallpaper on is the one opposite the door or perpendicular to the light inlet, to highlight the pattern. Finally, don't forget that wallpaper also plays a role in the perception of volume. For this reason, the lighting around the wall should never be neglected.

Now that you know on which wall to hang wallpaper, make sure that the surface is suitable. Indeed, before hanging, your wall must be dry, smooth and clean. If in doubt, don't hesitate to call in a professional!